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"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."
Carl Jung

The Enneagram in Spiritual Direction

"The enneagram is a geometric figure that maps out the nine fundamental personality types of human nature and their complex interrelationships. It is a development of modern psychology that has roots in spiritual wisdom from many different ancient traditions."
          From The Wisdom of the Enneagram
           Don Riso, and Russ Hudson

When I was first introduced to the enneagram I was amazed at the intensity of my reaction when I discovered my personality type. It was as Richard Rohr says "If you havenít been totally humiliated then you havenít found your number.Ē

So why would this be a positive thing? It all has to do with the freedom that comes in the spiritual journey. Our personality patterns can be like little tyrants creating havoc in our inner world and for all those around us and the world at large. We are human beings and need our personalities to operate in this world. They have been given to us and also have enormous gifts as well as challenges. The ennegram is a way of recognizing patterns in ourselves which opens us to freeing their hold on us. It is through grace, the presence of the Sacred in our lives, that we are able to detach from their power and experience the freedom of choice.

Spiritual direction to me is about moving deeper into the Sacred which embraces all of us just as we are. The strange thing is as we fully embrace ourselves as we are, which means without judgment, we grow in living out of the compassionate heart of God. The deeper healing affects how we live our lives. The enneagram is a psychological and spiritual map for that journey.

Karin Grosscup

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"One of the fruits of Enneagram work is compassion for oneself and all others."

Karin Grosscup
Spiritual Director, MS, CNS
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About Karin

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