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Spiritual direction is about spiritual growth, a deepening of awareness of the Sacred in one's life and a call to live one's life out of that awareness..

Spiritual Direction -- A Journey Toward the Authentic Self

Spiritual direction is the process of listening to the "still small voice" within that is a loving guide. The true Director is God and the task of the spiritual director is to listen with the directee (the person seeking spiritual direction) to how the Sacred is already present in their lives.

The fundamental question of the spiritual journey is who and what is God and yet, on this journey we are continually confounded by bumping into ourselves. It is our attachment to our ego selves that block the countless ways the Sacred is calling us closer.

Anthony De Mello, a Jesuit priest from India, recalls a teacher who told a traveler "Awareness, awareness, awareness, that is what you need . . God awareness is a fantasy, for you have no notion of what God is like. What you need is self awareness."

Learning to love ourselves and surrender into that Being beyond ourselves is what spiritual direction is to me.

                   Karin Grosscup

Process of Individual Spiritual Direction

  • Meet about once a month for an hour. At the beginning or times of crisis one may meet more frequently.
  • Begin with quieting prayer
  • All of life is appropriate to bring to sessions.
  • Willingness to open one’s self to some kind of spiritual practice outside of sessions e.g. prayer, meditation, reflection, journaling, movement, observing nature, spiritual reading deepens the process.

Fees: Negotiated with sliding from $40-$65 / session

The Spiritual Director

Spiritual directors are trained professionals who are committed to be actively involved in their own spiritual journey. They are bound by standards of ethical practice and have requirements for ongoing education and consultation.

Karin holds her sessions in the calming meditation room of her home. The sessions begin with quieting prayer to acknowledge God’s presence in the process and end with some kind of acknowledgement of the Spirit’s presence that session.

Finding the Authentic Self and letting go of the False Self

People bring to spiritual direction the rounded picture of their lives where the focus becomes listening together for what is drawing the directee to greater wholeness - union with the Sacred, to be lived out in the world. This may be a more challenging journey than one would expect. Thomas Keating, a monk and Cistercian priest, who was one of the founders of the meditative practice of centering prayer says that when “one moves toward the light the shadow appears.” There is much to observe in our “little selves” that can become a tyrant in our lives creating difficulties.

Seeking awareness of the Sacred has its challenges as Thomas Keating has pointed out. . .”when one moves toward the light shadows appear.” Yet, it is in this process that growth occurs. Carl Jung has said that “one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Karin Grosscup
Spiritual Director, MS, CNS
4801 Portland Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55417
About Karin

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