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People bring to spiritual direction the rounded picture of their lives where the focus becomes listening together for what is drawing the directee to greater wholeness, contact with the authentic self, and union with the Sacred, to be lived out in the world.

Similarities of Therapy and Spiritual Direction

  • Healing process
  • Exploration of one’s life
  • Professional relationship with ethical standards of practice
  • Confidentiality, mandated reporters
  • Intentional process with generally hour appointments
  • Ongoing supervision for therapist and for spiritual director
  • Fee for service negotiated



Spiritual Direction

Problem solving

Embracing the struggles

Healing mental illness

Listening to the teaching of one's pain

Developing the ego

Letting go of the ego

Goal directed

Moving toward surrenderto the Spirit

Changing behavior patterns

Detaching from behavioral patterns

Focus of interaction between therapist and client

Focus of interaction between directee and God

Challenge of misperceptions

Discovery of inner Wisdom



Supervision is a simple process and one that reminds me of a spiral of unfolding awareness. The student spiritual director brings in a verbatim from their session with their directee where the emphasis is on the movement of the student director in relation to what is evolving in their directee and their life.

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About Karin

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